Saturday Roundup

It’s been another crazy busy week here.  With a few different things thrown in to the mix.  While we were walking around the yard the other day, we found these:

I saw the first one in the morning when I let the dogs out.  It was about the size of a quarter.  By the time it was late afternoon, it had grown to a baseball size!  As soon as I took these pics we got rid of them so the dogs wouldn’t be tempted by them.

Last night we ran some errands into town.  When we walked out of Lowe’s here, I say this sky and couldn’t resist snapping a pic.  It’s a bit blurry, but the colors were spectacular!

By the time I realized I had a blurry picture and lifted the camera again, it was gone, the sun had gone down and it was dark.

Then this morning I decided to finally solve the “chair” situation.  What chair situation you ask?  Well, I own this chair which I’ve had for almost 20 years:

And this chair which I’ve had for about 8 years:

Both of which are rockers, which I used to love to sit in.  But, neither of which are comfortable for my back and hip to sit in for any length of time anymore.  So, before I go shopping for a new chair, I decided to search around and see what I had that might work for comfort.  Not particularly to “be” the new chair, but so I know what style is good for my back.  I finally found some chairs I can sit in, apparently comfortably:

It’s from the back deck patio set.  It’s a short chair, my feet touch the ground and I won’t need a footstool!!!  (yes, I am just a bit vertically challenged!  LOL)  And it’s a straight back which feels so good and supportive.  But I think before I rush out and buy one upholstered like this I’ll give it a week or two to make sure it’s really good to sit in.
So, what’s your favorite chair to sit in?

Okay, I’m off to the studio, I’m working on some new classes right now.  Traditional piecing style for the local quilt shop.  The emphasis is on using simple piecing with carefully chosen color placement to make outstanding quilts.  And I’m having  fun making these!!!!

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  1. Ok, somehow, I did not expect *that* chair, and something tells me, neither did you! Egad, but that looks like it would be the most uncomfortable thing! My chair is “my” rocker, ie, the one for holding young ‘uns, which is misery if you aren’t holding a kid, and misery for everyone else in the house. And yes, being even more vertically challenged than you, I have to use one of the boys’ little chairs to even rock the thing.
    You *are* gonna let us peek at the class samples, right?:-)

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