I’m back

I’m back, from vending that is. I had quite an enjoyable time in Lincolnton and appreciate all the guild did to keep us vendors happy! Help was plentiful and each day they provided lunch for us….a wonderful array of home cooked foods……INCLUDING HOME-MADE PEACH ICE CREAM one day! I hadn’t had home made ice cream in years and years and years (yeah, that long!).

I had a really enjoyable time, and am sharing ONE and ONLY ONE picture of myself in the booth. Look quickly because I may have to replace this with just a picture of fabrics soon………………LOL

Now, disclaimer for those particular members of my family who haven’t seen me for a while, and who I can hear their voices already……yes, I have gained weight. Choices, healthy or sick…..I chose healthy and in the process added some pounds on…..but I’m healthy again! And that’s all I’m going to say about that! LOL

Maybe next post I’ll have some hand-dyes pics or possibly even some quilting content!  That is, IF I quit playing around on this computer and get to work this morning!  LOL

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