Tuesday update

It’s been busy and fun here lately. I’m all packed up (almost) and ready for this weekend. One of the things I love most about vending is getting to meet and talk with all the visitors who come to shows. It’s always fun to get to talk with people who share a same love as you do…..quilts and quilting.

I’ve started quilting a small piece that will hang in the booth to showcase the fall reds I dyed. I don’t know what I was thinking, the background is black and white, a very small print, and last night I started an extremely small (but not quite micro) stippling in light grey thread. Yes, last NIGHT! Seeing where I was going was challenging at the least, but I like how it’s going to make the piecework pop!

This is a small quilt (42″ square), so I chose to float it, something I haven’t done in ages. Also with the piecework on the border I didn’t want to stretch it, so floating seemed the best choice. Now I just have to decide how I’m going to quilt the bear paw blocks. Any suggestions?

I’ve also been working on a commission piece. This is to commemorate a 50th wedding anniversary and their family tree. I like how this customer chose to use pictures of the houses the family has lived in at the bottom. Houses/homes are such a big part of family memories.

Lots more to do on this, decorative stitching around the photo’s, and embroidery of special dates. I’ve ordered a new color of thread for the background. I plan to feather it with tiny (1-1/2″) feathering in King Tut’s Alabaster thread. Wool batting for the fullness in the photo’s,which I don’t plan to quilt into. And it should be ready on time!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday update

  1. You’ve been busy! I love the family tree. That’s one of the best uses of photos in a quilt that I’ve seen. I don’t have any suggestions for your quilting on the bear paws sample but it’s looking good so far! Good luck with your sales – may you return with an empty car and stuffed wallet!

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