Progress on two fronts!

Ummm, I thought I posted this last week. I use the “private” setting until I get my post done, then uncheck private and publish it. Apparently I forgot to uncheck private, so this is last week’s post reposted. Keep in mind as you read this I wrote it a week ago! And Rene, this is why you couldn’t see the hand-dyes we were talking about!

Well, we’re making progress on two fronts here, both the hand-dyes and the entry! The entry is as far as it can go for now. The roofing materials are on order and should be here before Mike returns from his next run. I am amazed at this porch and it’s so SOLID! It really shows that he loves to build things in the attention to detail he takes!

Oops, I forgot to pick up the shovels and tools! I’m having difficulty with my lighting decisions. I have a sensor light that triggers whenever anyone is near that corner of the house, but I’d like low lighting to illuminate the steps. And I’m thinking solar instead of running wiring. I’ve almost decided but am waffling between two choices!

I love the black metal work, it’s just perfect for me. How he got these pieces all cut to fit right I’ll never know, but he did and they look great!

On the other front, I have been trying for ages to come up with a rich brown hand-dye. And I’ve finally succeeded. This is a mid-range of the values in the last batch. Isn’t it just yummy!!

I’m thinking I’m going to keep the deepest darkest piece to work with here. I do love rich browns!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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