New Baby! (QR!)

Three new posts from me in 24 hours, wow! But things have been happening and I thought I’d share them with you.

I have a “NEW BABY”!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, not a “new baby” in the little human form.

And NOT a “new baby” in the furkid form.

And NOT a “new baby” in the automobile form.

But, yes, a NEW BABY! Well, an OLD new baby, new to me baby, have barely played with it and put it through it’s paces yet baby…………………….

Oh, what kind of baby? A SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT!!!! Year of this baby’s birth………1941. Year of adoption into my house, well, now, 2008 of course!

Isn’t she gorgeous! (note to self, take a better picture without the shadows! LOL)

Now I didn’t plan on adopting anything for the studio right now as I have a major item coming soon (more about that another time). BUT, a few weeks ago I had an offer made to me that was too good to pass up. Yet pass it up, I did, for what seemed like logical reasons that day. And I let a few friends know about it’s availability and pricing, but only one was interested and the timing wasn’t quite right for her. And I kept hearing this little thing calling my name, giving me all the “logical” reasons I should adopt it.

Yesterday I gave up, called my friend and questioned her to make sure she wasn’t planning to purchase it before I told her that I would be then. And then I called the person selling it and made the arrangements. Today I brought her and all her accessories home (yes, it’s got to be feminine, look at all the accessories she has!):

The book says that this one is a binder attachment!!!!!!!! WOW! I didn’t know back then there was such a thing!

And look at this foot!?!?!? Isn’t it just interesting?

She runs beautifully, she’s quieter than I expected, and best of all, I can pick her up with just ONE HAND!

Sometimes opportunity knocks and you just have to answer the door!

And on a final note, yes I have changed my blog look again.  I missed my big header picture.  And then I had to fix the color code for the announcement about vending and I DID IT!!!! All by myself (well, okay with a little help from my two basic html books….sigh…..I doubt it ever becomes second nature!)  LOL

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  1. Congrats! I love my singer “Ruth”.One of the sweetest little machines I have ever owned.You two will have so much fun together.

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