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A little bit of quilting and some other stuff I’ve been working on

Currently I’m working on a shop sample for the local quilt shop. I am really enjoying being back to quilting:

I also started playing with pantograph’s this week. I haven’t done many pantograph’s, but now that my machine has the new edgerider wheels on it, I’m finding they aren’t as difficult as they used to be. First up, a customer quilt, one of her earliest ones, the pantograph is called Popcorn:

And I loaded a quilt I made years ago, when I was still driving semi-truck. Put a pantograph on this one as well, one of my favorites, Feather Meandering:

This week also had delivery of my “Quilt Cut II” that I purchased from a friend.

Since I got it Monday evening, I’ve been able to cut out 18 Double Monkey Wrench setting triangles, and piece them (no picture); and ALSO to cut out 16 Maple leaf blocks using my hand-dyes for the maple leafs.

And for those who knit, I’ve been working on this sweater for years now. I’m hoping to finish it to wear this fall. I enjoy knitting, but need a complicated pattern to keep my mind alert with it. This pattern needs attention to each stitch, of each repeat, of each row! I LOVE IT!

Overall and detail shots:

And these pictures are why I’m about 1,000 e-mails behind on my lists, and over 200 blog posts behind on my reader! Time to go spend some quality time bonding with my laptop and catching up!

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