Tuesday Update

I am amazed! In spite of the weather here DH is making such progress on my new entry! It’s been really hot and humid here, yesterday we had a heat advisory even! He’s working on it in the mornings and after supper and it’s going together amazingly fast in my eyes! If I was doing it, I’d probably still be on the first post hole! He’s putting on deck boards today!

And what have I been doing? Well, of course I’ve been helping as I can, but this heat and the sawdust aren’t good for me to be able to breathe in, so I’ve been mostly processing hand-dyes for next months show! (see sidebar). I tallied last night and I had processed 49-1/4 yards for sale this weekend. I kept 3 pieces for me, I just couldn’t resist. These are the three I kept for me:

Last night for supper we had corn, fresh from the garden. One and three-quarter ears. One ear didn’t germinate fully, but it still tasted great! Roast beef, baked potato, corn on the cob and chocolate chip ice-cream for dessert……mmmmm that was GOOD! Hopefully soon I’ll get a tomato out of the garden, beyond the little yellow salad pears I accidentally planted instead of my sauce Roma’s. No canning this year! The other tomatoes aren’t doing well, wonderful plants, lots of tomatoes but either they aren’t ripening or the blossom end rot sets in as they start to ripen. I think maybe next year I need to adjust the soil again, it’s been a few years.

Today I’ll be loading the next quilt. A log cabin that the customer wants an overall on for her grandson. Should be fun!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. Judy, have you tried adding some bone meal or other calcium source on the tomatoes to help with the blossom end rot?? And bless that DH of yours! I wouldn’t be out there either! LOVE the fabric!!

  2. Love your fabrics Judy. You can buy Blossom end rot spray at WalMart. I bet you knew that didn’t you? Your DH is doing a great job on the entry.

  3. The fabrics are beautiful!! Like them all. What a sweet guy you have, but you know that!

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