Weekend Update

Wow, it’s the last day of the weekend again? Where does time go? The days seem to be flying by this week. I had hoped to see my youngest grandson this week, but his mommy had car issues that kept them from traveling, so hopefully soon I’ll see him again. I haven’t seen him since Christmas!

At the beginning of the week, I spent the day at Grace’s for a dye party! What fun!!! And so interesting to see how many different pieces were made, with the same basic colors and fabrics!

Then Tuesday we had our monthly FAB meeting. No pictures but a lot of fun was had. It’s ALWAYS a good day when FAB gets together!

The week ended with the beginning of the new entry into the studio. When we first remodeled the studio for the gammill we knew we wanted to do “something” to the outside wall. But we (or ME, as Mike thought door from day one) couldn’t decide between a window, or a door, so we left the wall looking like this:

We’ve since decided a NEW DOOR it is, with a deck and roof over the deck on the outside. This week, after a 2 week delay in getting the door, we started the install.

From the inside, the studio now looks like this:

there’s still trim work to do, but it’s so much brighter in there now!

Of course, it’s not quite usable from the outside, unless you’re more balanced than I am:

And the pitiful puppy was locked inside the back fence, where my door isn’t at! Poor girl:

What’s on for tomorrow? Well, first just a few more dyes to process!!!!

Tonight we cemented in the posts for the deck outside the studio door. So tomorrow we also start the deck! Yeah!!!!

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  1. Love the new door … and love the progress ! Change is almost always fun and exciting… tho’ usually slower than we anticipate … even where there is NOT a learning curve!

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