New Camera!

I finally broke down and bought a new camera. A cute little thing, A Kodak Easy Share M863 in Copper. LOL Yeah, couldn’t get just a regular black camera, had to have one with color! I love the size of this new camera, I love the anti-shake setting on it. And I love the clarity of the pictures. I don’t love the software, in fact, I’ve uninstalled it and am using Windows software to download my pictures. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t figure out how to migrate the pictures OUT of Kodak’s software to where I could access them with my photo editing software. I use PhotoImpact12 and love it!

Just to see what type of pictures I would get, I took some of the current quilt I’m making. This is made from charm packs and a little more fabric. It sizes out at about 42 x 52 and would be perfect for a baby girl. I’m using an allover feather pattern, done freehand, from the front of the machine, Sew Fine thread.

Isn’t that picture quality just wonderful!!!! And I didn’t even have to use the tripod! Didn’t have to set the flash quality, or add side lighting, just walked in this morning, turned on the camera and took a picture! And I can SEE the QUILTING!!!!!!!! Did I say I was impressed with this little camera?

I also bought a little laptop wireless mouse. Wonderful little invention! LOL Plugs into a USB port, runs on one AA battery, and I have my middle button again! Laptops are great, but I so missed my 3 button mouse! LOL

Sometimes new technology is a wonderful thing!

4 thoughts on “New Camera!

  1. I bought the same camera a few weeks ago in copper too hehehe. I too love it! I went out sailing one night and took my old digital camera with me. I realized when I was trying to take pictures of a lighthouse about 100 feet away from me and it looked like it was 1/2 a mile away that it was time to replace the old camera. So I did and I too am in love with it πŸ™‚

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