Shopping day

Today was an unexpected shopping day. Our fax machine decided to act up, yet again, this morning. You now can only feed paper in one sheet at a time. If you put in more than one sheet, you not only get a paper jam, but clearing the “paper jam” erases the fax memory! This just doesn’t work for me on so many levels. Isn’t technology supposed to make life EASIER? LOL So I went shopping for a replacement fax machine.

And while I was out, I found this:

AVR technology! Surge Protection!!!! Battery backup run time of 75 minutes!!!! All in one unit!!!!!!

Now to unpack it and get it set up for Grizabella (my longarm).
Oh the new fax machine, I’ll get to it later today……….sometime………after a while…………….first things first you know! LOL

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