A Sunday walk

Let’s take a walk around the yard today.

Apparently the lilies don’t mind it being hot and dry

This is the third year for this Dusty Miller!

For the first time ever, I’ve got DILL here! It seems to like being in a metal bucket in the partial shade.


The coneflowers are blooming everywhere!

Cha-cha’s getting pretty old now, and he needs groomed, but he was content to follow along on the walk, with the occasional rest period.

We’ve circled around to the weeds, that looks like work, time to go back inside!


Brandi just was not going to let Bear get his picture taken, it was time to go INSIDE!

3 thoughts on “A Sunday walk

  1. Lucky you… your flowers are really growing great! We hardly have had any rain, and with the watering ban, my yard is looking a bit sad.

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