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Improvement! Now let’s get back to some quilting!

As many of you know, I’ve been battling issues with my neck for quite a while now. And due to that, I had to curtail most of my quilting activities, at least on the longarming end.

Mike and I have been working on this and after several adjustments and changes and modifications, I think we have this conquered!

First off, we adjusted the table height. It’s no longer set at “proper ergonomical height”, but rather set for a comfortable height for me on my saddle stool with the curve in my back that is here to stay.

Then we added the EdgeRider Wheels. That made a major improvement to the fatique level I was experiencing. No more extra movement in the carriage, a much smoother ride, and less vibration!

But the biggest improvement came this week. Gammill came out with a new hopping foot, one that is cut out in the front.

What this means for me is that I am no longer twisting my neck to see down inside the hopping foot to see where I am placing the needle. I like small intricate quilting and this was a major issue for me. And where before this foot I could only quilt for one hour a day maximum, I can now quilt for several hours a day. Not all at once, I still need to take frequent breaks and do the exercises my chiropractor has recommended, but I can QUILT AGAIN!

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