Fabric Bowl

I’ve wanted to make a fabric bowl for a long time now. Many moons ago, in 2006, I purchased the book “Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls” by Linda Johansen.

Last night I decided it was the perfect project for a Friday night as the book claimed to be “Fast Fun & Easy”. And it was. Well almost. The problem lie not within the book, nor the instructions, but rather within working in too small of an area (due to un-necessary clutter) and possibly once or twice not realizing I had fabric underneath the fabric I was cutting with the rotary cutter. (note to self…..tidy up the studio!)

So, after a few false starts, and a fabric change or two, I got started. I didn’t have any Timtex, or Fast 2 Fuse, but I had Pellon’s P2 double sided fusible. It’s a bit thick, but I like how it works and I had it here without having to run into town (bonus when you live in the country!).

The end result is a bowl that I like and think I’ve got too many uses for and may just have to make another one or two when I’m looking for a quick project.

And a detail shot of the edge with the beading:

This bowl was made with two 12-1/2″ pieces of fabric, two 5″ pieces of fabric, a 12-1/2″ square of P2, some beads and a bit of thread.

I wanted my bowl to be a bit deeper than the sample in the book, so rather than cutting 1/2″ darts, I cut 1″ darts, which gives me a nice deep bowl. I’m already mentally planning my next couple of bowls. The “I wonder what would happen if I cut it this way” has set in!
I would have to recommend this book and these bowls for a fast easy fun project.

6 thoughts on “Fabric Bowl

  1. Very cool bowl! The beads add just the right touch! I have made bowls and boxes from her books… great fun!

  2. LOVE the bowl– your beads and fabric choice is awesome! Saving all that gas going into town definitely pays for a few more bowls! I like how you made it deeper too– great idea. It is still on my “to do” list, but I do love yours!

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