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Mindless Blocks (updated)

Today was a day for a mindless project, something that didn’t require endless decisions or contemplations, something I could just randomly piece and continue on all day.

A while ago I had made these three blocks with some discharge stamping on batik for the centers.

The blocks, measuring 8-1/2 unfinished, are paper pieced. I had planned to do an entire wallhanging with these blocks, but after three got bored and set them aside.

Today I looked at these blocks and thought, “I’m going to do something with them, today!”. So I pulled out the pile they were in and started mindlessly piecing with the leftover scraps and the remaining fabrics I had originally pulled to do a “planned” piece.

At the end of the day I have this stack of 4-1/2″ unfinished blocks to work with as well.

Now comes the fun part, start pinning things to the design wall and see how they look together. Then I’ll start thinking again, about what they may or may not need, about how they need to be quilted, about whether or not I want to add any other additionals to them (applique, beads, paints).

But for a while today, I just needed mindless piecing.
I went back to the studio for awhile to play with layout of the blocks. After several different arrangements, I decided I liked this the best.

It’s not done yet, it’s calling for something else, I’m just not sure what yet. So I’ll let it simmer for another day.

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