Garden Pics

This morning, as it rains here, I thought I’d post some sunnier pictures. These were from the gardens on Monday. We’ve had a cool spring and my roses, which normally struggle are doing wonderful.

The lilies are finally opening:

And my “Red Hot Poker” plant has not once bloomed red. It started out years ago as a salmon/orange color and this year has gone to straight yellow. There must be some nutrient it’s missing, but I still enjoy it.

Hope you’re finding a little sunshine on this rainy day!

1 thought on “Garden Pics

  1. Thank you for the pretty flowers! As for your red hot poker – looks like it needs iron to me …. iron + water = rust, right? Like I know what the heck I’m talkin’ about here !

    Glad to “see” you are going to be able to see well again! It is such a joy – even tho’ we hate to admit our eyes get older as we get older. (sigh)

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