It all becomes clear

Or it will in a few days. And what becomes clear? Well hopefully what I can see! Last night I was stitching on a binding more by feel than by sight. Two weeks ago, I had finally broke down and made an appointment for the eye doctor. Today was the day I had my exam. I had a new doctor this time and she was wonderful! I had questions and she explained.

me: “What’s that dark spot in the scan?”

her: “It’s the mole in your eye, you can’t see it visually, see here it was in 2006 (shows on computer) and here it is now, it hasn’t grown.  They are unusual to see in people so they always catch our interest.”

me: “So that’s not the problem?”

her: “No, that’s not the problem, the problem is likely a dry eye, but let’s do some more testing.”

And other various questions, that were all answered efficiently and with compassion for a woman (me) who has been having more and more difficulties seeing fine stitching or individual pencil strokes.

Well, the problem was partially one dry eye for which I will now use daily drops, and that’s why it feels like there’s always a film over it. BUT, the other half of the problem may have something to do with going from a 1.5+ prescription for closeup to a 2.5+ prescription in that eye. The other eye increased as well, but not as dramatically.

And my old reading glasses, well they were from the really old prescription of 1.25+…………hmmm, suddenly it all becomes clear………or it will next week when the new glasses come in!

1 thought on “It all becomes clear

  1. I’m glad to hear that you went in for your eye exam….and you will be seeing clearly soon! I’m sure with all the sewing that you do, that you will be MUCH more comfortable with the new prescription.

    Lubrication drops (like Refresh, Systane or Genteal) are really great for dry eye. They make your eyes feel great and refreshed. Just be sure to NOT get any drops that says “gets the red out” (like Visine) because they can actually make your eyes MORE dry and irritated over time.

    Its important for you to have YEARLY eye exams – even if you don’t notice any vision changes. An eye exam can detect many problems that may not be causing any symptoms…like glaucoma, eye cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. And you also want your doctor to keep taking pictures of your “mole” so she can track if there are any subtle changes over time.

    Good luck with your new glasses!

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