Tenacious, adjective, meaning stubborn or persistent.

Hmmm, I think this may possibly apply to me.

By nature I am a slow methodical artist. I like to build things up in layers, one on top of the other. With my drawings and my textile pieces, I work one step at a time, allowing each stage to simmer before I move to the next. When I work with acrylics, I do the same thing. Occasionally, I will work quickly, in textiles, but I have already mastered the medium and know what to expect and what I can and cannot do for the results I want.

I have somehow gotten into my mind that I want to learn to master oils. And with my allergies I have had to move everything for the oils onto the back porch where there is no possiblity of odor lingering. Which means I need to work relatively quickly. And yet, I tenaciously persist in attempting to master this medium. Yes, I like to challenge myself.

This morning I decided to spend some time on the back porch and try another attempt at oils. And you know you’re absorbed in something when you finish and realize you put your mp3 player earphones into your ears, but never turned it on….and you didn’t even notice!

Today’s painting.

I have achieved a modicum of success in creating depth. I have accomplished creating a rock wall successfully. And I am starting to understand that I cannot, at this point, achieve the detail I want, with oil, in one sitting. Perhaps there is yet another technique I need to learn. And so, I persist.

Tenacious, yes, that may just describe me.

1 thought on “Tenacious

  1. You? Tenacious? Nah….*ducking*
    I always thought that one of the real virtues of oil was that it doesn’t all dry at once, so you can go back and work it a little bit more.You might be able to try to work in a little bit of your shiva stash, which with your pencil skills may give you just what you are looking for. Miss A gripes all the time that her acrylics dry faster for her than she wanted so will also be investing in a *very* small bottle of retarder….
    But all in all, I think it is a great job, as usual. You are already (what, two weeks after the class? *smack*) adapting the techniques to your *own* visions, which was the whole point of the exercise.
    Good show.

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