Sprained wrist — Take Two

About two weeks ago or so, I managed to sprain my right wrist while working in the yard. Now since I’m left handed, I could still do stuff, most stuff. Of course driving was out for a day or two since I drive a stick shift.

Yesterday I was working in the yard again, raking, planting, mowing fixing the mower. Last night the wrist started swelling and hurting again. Apparently it wasn’t healed and I aggravated it. Anyone have any home remedies, other than the typical RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)?

The good news, it IS my right wrist, and I AM left-handed!

4 thoughts on “Sprained wrist — Take Two

  1. RICE is the best you can do… and let it heal for more than 2 weeks this time!! I am left handed too – I believe that’s why creative things are so important to us. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I’m sorry Judy! RICE is probably the best, but maybe a brace for when you venture back out to the yard to give it some strength?

  3. I think RICE is the best, too. Thank goodness it isn’t your ‘good’ hand and that you can still be enjoying your creative pursuits. Behave (LOL) and allow that wrist to heal. 😉

  4. Rice, Rice, Rice! See which one has the EMPHASIS?? Yeppers …. ask the gal who is now ambidextrous cuz she broke her right elbow when she had a baby in diapers … when we still used diaper pins!! Now I do everything except sign my name with my left hand.

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