Perfection not required

What did you do Saturday night? Did you enjoy yourself? Spend time with the family? Take a break and relax? Did you invest time in something you really wanted to do?

What did I do? Well, I did another painting.

I’m feeling more confident with my brush strokes. Of course I’m not using the “recommended brushes” for the technique, as I don’t have them. But, I am using the brushes I have. Better to use what we have than to not create? Right?

Too often we wait for everything to be “perfect” and every available tool to be in our possession before we start a new project. And while we wait, life passes us by.

What are you waiting for everything to be perfect before you begin on?

5 thoughts on “Perfection not required

  1. Oooh! this is s dreamy scene, like one you would see in your minds eye while laying on a hammock swaying in the breeze, listening to the birds chirp. Nice.

  2. Looks like a perfect place to drop a line đŸ™‚ and wait for a bite.
    What did I do Sat nite, we went smelt fishing, but looks like we missed the run. Oh well maybe next spring.

  3. I totally agree – better to use what’s around than wait for some specially designated tool or material. I have always thought needle artists as a whole – including quilters and embroiderers, are rather prone to this – and it stifles creativity. And, btw, DH and I spent the evening in company with some newly arrived expat friends and their dear little kids. In good company time passes quickly.

  4. I agree with all of the above. Love the scene, loved the bridge, (but you knew that:-)), and yes, I totally agree with you and Alison. I think that “perfect” can be such a dominating state of mind, when in reality it is just as subjective as anything else in life can be. Watch me try to take my own advice here (giggle), but I think that improvisation can open up a lot of doors. No, it isn’t Perfect, but I think that Perfect, like Normal, is probably seriously over-rated, and not only subjective, but highly unrealistic. I spent Saturday night trying to pacify a cranky little boy until almost midnight. Not Perfect to some, but pretty good by me, especially once he finally conked out.

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