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A painting and a picture and a painting redo

I took a class on oil painting today, and enjoyed myself. At the end of the class, I came home with a painting that only needs time to dry.

This was a new technique for me, wet in wet. I’m reserving judgement on whether or not I like this technique until I have practiced some more and mastered some of the brush strokes involved. Especially as I am used to building up the layers one at a time, letting each layer dry before the next!

And walking in the yard, I spied some Iris growing. One has such a deep rich color I had to preserve it in a photo. Enjoy!

AFTER SUPPER, I decided to rework the above painting. I wasn’t happy with that bridge, I don’t do “structures” well. The advantage of oil is that it was still wet enough to scrape off the bridge and repaint the center section. I think this is much improved now. Not a bad little class painting at all, but now I see a few more things I think I’ll go correct.  Also, the colors in the photo below are truer than the first photo.

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