A painting and a picture and a painting redo

I took a class on oil painting today, and enjoyed myself. At the end of the class, I came home with a painting that only needs time to dry.

This was a new technique for me, wet in wet. I’m reserving judgement on whether or not I like this technique until I have practiced some more and mastered some of the brush strokes involved. Especially as I am used to building up the layers one at a time, letting each layer dry before the next!

And walking in the yard, I spied some Iris growing. One has such a deep rich color I had to preserve it in a photo. Enjoy!

AFTER SUPPER, I decided to rework the above painting. I wasn’t happy with that bridge, I don’t do “structures” well. The advantage of oil is that it was still wet enough to scrape off the bridge and repaint the center section. I think this is much improved now. Not a bad little class painting at all, but now I see a few more things I think I’ll go correct.  Also, the colors in the photo below are truer than the first photo.

2 thoughts on “A painting and a picture and a painting redo

  1. ok, so I am no expert on art or balance or anything artistic like you and so many others. the problem i had with the bridge was not the bridge. i liked the bridge. but i thought it looked out of place because it wasnt attached to the land. it looked like it was suspended in the sky somehow. make sense?
    i would also like the redo better if on the left top part of the water it was turned into trees so that the river bent to the right, rather than looking like a straight wall.

    picky picky huh?? and you didnt even ask for a critic!

    gosh youre doing great judy. i wish we had the local resources for classes like you do.


  2. ROFLMAO! Picky???? Mike said the same thing about the water. Guess maybe tomorrow I better think on it. I thought the arch in the bridge was too high and it did look suspended. Tomorrow I’ll post what I spent the rest of the night doing…….IF I still like it in the morning! LOL

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