May first, a new month, a new global challenge

Good morning, it’s May first, MAY DAY, and I woke up this morning invigorated to plant the seeds in our vegetable garden today. And to transplant my herb starts into individual containers. To savor the process of growing our food, and to be thankful for the land to do so on.

This morning’s news has me even more thankful that we’ve been able to carve out a section of our land for vegetables. Vegetables that I will take the time and do the work to grow and can and preserve. And what was in this morning’s news you ask? Listening to NPR, as I usually do in the mornings, I heard a term I hadn’t heard before “OREC”. As I didn’t hear the entire report, just enough to cause me concern, I googled the terms “OREC” and rice.

What is OREC? OREC — Organization of Rice Exporting Countries. Hmmm, doesn’t that sound suspiciously like OPEC? I won’t rant and rave about this, I will leave you with two links to read up on it yourself, if you are so inclined.

I had heard rumors to this last week, but I, like many others probably, dismissed them. And I have no solutions to offer, I am just, once again, deeply saddened and appalled that greed has overtaken humanity.

I will go plant my garden now. And I know there is soon will be art to come out of this sorrow, it is my way.

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