Shopping, New Dyes and WIP

I’ve managed to get some time in the studio this week, in spite of several distractions. One of which being that it’s spring planting season. Another of which was a trip to MaryJo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC yesterday. MaryJo’s is about 60 miles from me, so I don’t go often. But when I do, I try to make it worthwhile, espeically at the cost of fuel today. These are my new additions to my stash:

Notice the two Marvy Purple markers? They are a must when I go there, it’s the only relatively local shop I can find them at. Ronda Beyer, a marvelous longarm quilter, introduced me to these markers and I have to say, they are wonderful! I’ve never had an issue with them not erasing, and if I don’t like what I’ve marked out, they’ve got a built in eraser for quick changes.

I’ve also done some dyeing, I’ll be vending in August at a show in Lincolnton, NC (details closer to the date) and dyeing means pressing and cutting and folding as well.

Notice the scrap strips on the left side of the first picture? When I trim the fabric to size, I have these ends left over. Some of them I save for use myself, some I send off to Susan and she uses them. You can see on Susan’s blog here one of the ways she has used them.

And finally, the tree piece has evolved into a technique piece. I wanted to use the Golden Pearl Mica Flake that I picked up at Random Arts when FAB went there. I like this product, I can apply it directly, which leaves a silver effect, or I can mix it with paint. One downside, it needs to be applied either after you have quilted, or you need to plan to not quilt in the area it is applied to, as it does get stiff. I used it before quilting, so I’ll need to be extremely creative in my quilting on this piece. Of course, I also applied the copper mesh 3d leaves before quilting……that’s what happens some days when I work without thinking. I like the effect of both of these products, next time I just need to use a little more planning in the order I use them. This is the piece unquilted in whole and detail:

I’m off to work now, there are so many things I can do today, which one should I choose first? Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Shopping, New Dyes and WIP

  1. Great stash enhancing!! I am going to Mary Jo’s in a few weeks, and now I know to pick up some of those Marvy Markers! Thanks! Have you ever gone to Long Creek Mills near Mary Jo’s for thread? We will stop there too.

    And your hand dyes sure are yummy looking!!

  2. It was a fun trip. Vicki, I didn’t know you used to live in Charlotte!!!!

    Michelle, WHEN are you coming up this way? E-mail me if you have any extra time in your schedule!!!!

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