It’s getting a little tight here!

I finished the blue and white quilt I was working on this weekend.

Other than a few thread issues, it went relatively smoothly, for which I am grateful. I’ll meet up with Cheryl sometime this week for lunch and give her this back and decide what is going on the machine next. Either my black and white challenge from the FAB group, or my LA Round Robin I participated in and never finished quilting. Yes, I am finally working on some of my quilts next!

One of the reasons I am grateful this went as smoothly as it did is my continual space challenge in the studio. My studio is 13’6″ x 14″6″, this includes EVERYTHING fiber related, except the dyes. Yep, my longarm with it’s 12′ table, my sewing machine, embroidery machine, embellisher, serger, all my fabric and thread, my files, my cutting area…..they’re all organized squished into this one room. And for the most part I’ve lived that way for the last 5 years.

But, as this room also has the best window in the house for starting seeds for the garden, lately it’s been a bit more challenging. Each time I need to walk around the longarm I have to navigate this:

I’ve measured this and I’ve got 11-1/2″ clearance at the front handles, and 7″ clearance around the back handle! Can you say twist and squeeze?!?!!! I think I need a room redo, or an organizer, or just a room stretcher would do. Yes, there is always the option of getting rid of some of this stuff accumulation of supplies………but the thought makes me shiver……..I may NEED these one day………..and no, honestly, I am not a packrat, just a well supplied fiber artist!

2 thoughts on “It’s getting a little tight here!

  1. I vote for well supplied as well as talented fiber artist 😉 Love the quilt!! Think thin! It’s almost time to move those plants out!!

  2. *giggling* I know all about that “I might need it later” mentality. You should have seen J’s eyes pop out and roll around when I packed (translation: RESCUED) some odd bits of rusted stuff from the garage for rusting fabric later. I think he buried it in the storage shed, but if he threw it out after all that effort to pack (rescue) it, he is a dead man walking.

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