Weekend update

It’s almost Sunday afternoon, where have the last few days gone? LOL Yes, I’ve been busy! Mike was home and we he managed to get several things done with a little bit of help from me. Nope, I’m not taking the credit this time, left to my own devices, I probably would have remained a slug the last couple days.

We got the shrubbery (except the one holly with the nest in it) cut down and hauled away from the house, that was the first and probably last productive thing I did. Taking the shrubs down did several things, it’s left the front of the house open for the gutter repairs we need to make. (hey, who wants to climb a ladder and work with holly bushes tickling their belly???) We can now USE our front steps, and one year we’ll actually put in a walkway to them! Our porch is much more spacious and airy feeling. Oh and it didn’t cost us much to do. A new chain saw blade and some gas before we started. And some future repairs on my wedding rings. No, that wasn’t to do with the chain saw. I got stung by something on my ring finger while we were working apparently. Either that or I had a holly barb embedded in the finger. I got it out and it was dark and pointed looking, but I think maybe I need new glassses!!! LOL Either way, the finger started swelling Thursday evening. And by Saturday morning Mike cut my wedding and engagement rings off my finger to release the swelling. I had tried ice, taken benadryl, tried vaseline, tried windex, the swelling was too much and it was starting to be dangerous. By the time I taught class Saturday afternoon (without my rings on my hand), the swelling was down enough I could once again bend the finger, but had spread out into the hand. I’m glad to report the swelling now has mostly dissipated, just a bit left around the knuckle and the original sting/barb/whatever it was spot.

We he expanded the vegetable garden another five feet wide. We (yes we) went to the store and bought seeds that I need to plant this week. He made a frame for my lily painting, all I have to do is final sanding and paint the frame. He also mowed the lawn and trimmed everything and cleaned the pool filter.

Now in my defense, I DID cook a full meal every night! LOL No, I don’t cook every day! And I was gone Saturday teaching at the local quilt shop, and I AM left-handed and it was the left-hand ring finger, so that’s my defense as to why this weekend update was more “he” then either “me” or “we”!

Now, I’m off to reacquaint myself with my studio and my sewing machine. I picked up fabric yesterday for samples for a new class and I can’t wait to get started on them!!!!

Have a great remainder of your weekend!!!!!

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