Morning treat!

Good morning! It’s a bright sunny day here, and already I’ve enjoyed a special treat. This morning we took our coffee out onto our front porch, the one we cleared the shrubbery away from yesterday. As we were sitting there, this little flock of birds came in to the white cherry tree. It took us a while, but eventually, after ruling out this and that…….”well, it’s got tail feathers like a gold finch, but it’s got a crest on it’s head. Body is shaped kind of like cardinals, but color is wrong and it’s too small. Can’t be a tufted titmouse, wish they’d stay still long enough to get a good look at one.” All of these things we said to each other and then one sat still, at the closest edge of the tree, and turned it’s face just so in the sun to where we could actually SEE what we had……….. CEDAR WAXWINGS! A dozen or so of them! All in the cherry tree, all having breakfast! It’s been years since I’ve seen one here. I had hoped they were still around, this morning I was treated to seeing them.
No pictures, I wasn’t going to disrupt their breakfast to go get the camera, sorry, but they had a good breakfast!!!!!

On the down side this morning, my Angelfish finally took it’s last breath. Normally nothing spectacular, you have an aquarium, you have fish die. BUT, this particular Angelfish I had gotten 3-1/2 years ago, as a small fish. And it has outlived everything else. I don’t know what the lifespan of an Angelfish is, but I think 3-1/2 years is a pretty good run!!!!! One more semi-aggressive fish left in the tank, a pink gourami I’ve had about 8 months now, and then I’m changing this tank over to friendly community fish! LOL Of course, as big as gourami get, that could take a while until it takes it’s last breath. LOL

Off to work in the garden now, then later this afternoon when the sun is high I’ll head to the studio. I just love this weather, it energizes me like nothing else can! Yep, I’m a spring/summer/fall kinda gal, I just don’t do winters well! LOL

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