What I did today

Today was a wonderful day here. One of those days when you just “have” to play hooky from the office. Now for me, that means my commute doesn’t change since I work from home, but my mindset does! The promise of temps in the upper 70’s today and sunshine with soft breezes was a temptation I couldn’t resist.

First I finished off the dyed yarn I started yesterday.

Hand Dyed Chenille Yarn

And then I had to take some pictures of the tulips I didn’t know I had! They were a pleasant surprise as tulips seem to disappear here from one year to the next. One particular tulip intrigued me, I think that has too many petals to even be called a double!

This was coming up in this bunch under the Bradford Pear tree:

So I had to pull out my watercolor pencils and a chair and sit down and do a small painting in my watercolor journal:

I really like the way my trees are beginning to take shape! But unfortunately, I can’t play hooky from the paperwork all day, so it’s back to the office for me!

Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “What I did today

  1. What a wonderful watercolor!! And beautiful photos!! Temps in the 70s?? I’m moving in with you 😉 Beautiful dyes! Glad to see you loaded some of your fabulous fabrics up to your etsy store!!

  2. LOL We’re supposed to be down around freezing overnight here later this weekend, so don’t get too excited!!!! Now you know why I had to play outside today!!

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