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Over on the FAB blog, I’ve posted the results of the Art Techniques group April MAT. MAT is a Monthly Art Technique, where one member of the group will post for others to participate in. Some months there is a swap or exchange, some months it is technique only.

This month’s technique was painted batting, using either acrylic paints or procion dyes. You can see my before (wet in process) pics and my after (dry ready to use) pics here and here.

I’m still working on the “tree” quilt. I’ve used a few more mediums in it, not intentionally to use “every” medium I can, but intentionally to achieve a layered effect. Last night I added in some leaf detail.

This is a combination of Lumiere paints for the green and rust colors, and using Golden Pearl Mica Flake for the silvery effect. I hadn’t used the Mica Flake before, and feeling the dried effect this morning, I will not be quilting through it. I probably could, but I’ll be quilting around it.

And I’ve also done a little bit of fabric dyeing:

Since yesterday “was” an office day, not a studio day, I’m looking forward to even more progress today!

See you tomorrow!

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