Weekly review

I thought I’d post a weekly round up of a few things I have been working on this week that aren’t computer related.  Most of what I’ve done this week seems to be in the computer department, but I have managed to work on a few fiber things.

First off is my late aunt’s last quilt to be quilted.  When my aunt passed, my cousin asked me to quilt the tops she found in the basement, and I readily agreed.  I’ve shown one of these before on the blog.  Once this is bound, they will all be returned on our next visit back north.

And a closeup of the quilting:

I’ve also been working on a jacket, for myself.  It’s a water themed jacket and will feature one of my soon to be released applique patterns.  Here’s a preview of the seaweed being couched down onto the back of the jacket:

And lastly, a sneak peak at the first in a new series based on trees:

This particular one has copper leaves.  I’ve had this roll of copper mesh for quite some time, and now that I’m actually using it, I’m finding it very easy to stitch through.  But, once you put a needle hole in it, it’s there.

That’s my update on what I’ve been doing.  Hope you’ve had a great week and next week is even better!

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