Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the drawing board today, or make that class! Tonight starts an 8 week class titled “Drawing for Fun” at our local community college. I’ve got my bag packed and I’m ready to return to scheduled drawing classes. I am hoping this class, being on the adult continuing ed level, will not be quite as stressful as the last class was. Some of you may ask, “why another class”. I can think of lots of reasons to take classes, but here are some of my reasons for this particular class.

First, I really enjoy drawing, but I still consider myself a novice. There is so much I want to portray, and haven’t acquired the skills yet. How do you acquire skills, not only with practice, but also with instruction.

Second, I miss the format of a specific time to go to a specific place and totally immserse myself, if only for that hour or two.

Third, these classes are affordable. If you haven’t checked out your local community college, or continuing education center, I recommend it. I, like most in today’s economy, can more easily afford a $50 class with a $12 supply list than a $300 college level course with a $100 supply list and let’s not even start to talk about the pressure of grades!

And finally, it’s just plain FUN!

See you after class!

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