Postcard Exchange

MQR has had another postcard exchange that I was privileged enough to participate in. I say privileged enough even though it is open to all members, as I feel honored to receive these beauties in the mail. And I can only hope that my outgoing postcards are enjoyed half as much as I enjoy the … Continue reading Postcard Exchange

When neither wine nor chocolate will help!

Where should I start this at? The beginning, or the end? I'll start at the beginning, that's the logical place, right? This is the tale of a day when neither wine, nor chocolate will help. A couple months ago, I got an idea in my head which I just couldn't shake. My kitchen was white, … Continue reading When neither wine nor chocolate will help!

Painting as a hobby

Working in fiber as my career, I find myself still in need of a "hobby". Something I do strictly for the enjoyment, with absolutely no expectation, no end goal, no reason other than sheer pleasure. Painting is becoming that hobby. Of course, as a hobby that means it doesn't get a lot of hours devoted … Continue reading Painting as a hobby

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