Is it done? — updated


Is it done? I’m not sure. In person I love the background, in the photo it doesn’t look so good. In person you see a lot more detail of the texture of the green. Perhaps I should extend the darker green more deeply out to all the edges? More to frame the central flower?

What do you think? Is it done?

UPDATE: No, it was not done. Special thanks to Sherre for her e-mail and guidance.


But it’s getting there now.

11 thoughts on “Is it done? — updated

  1. I am new and self taught too, so I hestitated to say anything the first time. However, now it is done and finished. Before, the green took the focus away from the flower, now it blends right in leading you to the center.

    It looks gorgeous this time. Wonderful. I would hang it in my room, for sure.

  2. Judy, this is beautiful. The new background is better because it melds with the flower. This is the type of painting I like to do – huge flowers and a fairly simple background. I think your painting is finished now. Congratulations!

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