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Friday afternoon walk around the yard

Come take another walk with me and enjoy! This is what I saw yesterday as I walked in the pleasantly warm temps with that nice soft breeze. Today’s temps aren’t supposed to be quite so high and it’s raining here this morning, actually 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, and tomorrow’s temps are supposed to be even cooler.

Let’s start off down the driveway, this is the view in the front yard right now:

And by the mailbox:

At the road looking at the neighbor’s driveway. As I was taking this picture, their youngest son came running out of the house. First words he said “Miss Judy, I bet I know what you’re doing, you’re taking pictures of spring!”. Yep, that young man was right! LOL

Turning back to come up the driveway I saw this! I think it’s the last surviving one on the property:

Back up past the cherry tree I stopped for a closeup and listened to loud buzzing sounds!

And over by the garden, the Pear tree is showing signs of growth:

Turning to come back inside the gate these were in one of my favorite garden areas:

At the gate, these two colors caught my eye:

And of course, what would a walk be without the “critters”

The snowdrops (? I think that’s their name?) from mom and dad’s farm are still hanging on. The climate and soil here aren’t the best for them, but they’re a little bit of home I truly enjoy.

Inside the fence, the lilies and the wild strawberries are both growing:

And in case you’re wondering, along with all this wonderful growth, and the bird songs that are in the air come the other spring things……….bees and flies! At least I haven’t yet seen my first snake!

If any of these photo’s have inspired you to create anything artistic, just comment and let me know you’d like to have a full resolution photo. But be warned, the full photo’s are all over 1 MB sized!

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