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Family treasures

I have a book in my possession that I consider to be one of my most treasured mementos. It was hand written and drawn by my grandmother, in 1955, as a gift to my mother, who passed it to me. It is a cookbook, my mother being a city girl, and my father being a country boy, I would assume this was grandmother’s way of bridging the inevitable gaps. I cannot imagine my mom’s thoughts at some of the categories of game, but there are recipes in this for everything dad could have hunted!

The pages are old and fragile, but when I need a smile, I always reach for this particular book to look through. Grandmother had such a way with these quick drawings, her characterization clearly demonstrates a fun streak that I wish I had known better. Before it disintegrates completely, I thought I’d share a drawing or two from it with you.

The very first drawing inside the front page:

By the time I came along I don’t remember this ever actually being cooked!

Venison was always a winter staple in our diet.

Dad always did what he had to for his family, being a carpenter, living up north, when there was work, it came first.

And lastly, my favorite of all the drawings in the book!

At the end of this book are recipes my mom added to it. And although I would like to add a few favorites myself, the pages are now too fragile for that to happen.

What type of family treasures do you have hiding away that bring a smile to your face?

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