Postcard Exchange

MQR has had another postcard exchange that I was privileged enough to participate in. I say privileged enough even though it is open to all members, as I feel honored to receive these beauties in the mail. And I can only hope that my outgoing postcards are enjoyed half as much as I enjoy the ones I receive.

Our theme this time was your birthstone/gemstone.

In no particular order:

Jami, whose birthday is in July (Ruby):


Michelle who celebrates a November birthday (Blue Topaz):


Gayle, who just celebrated a March birthday (Aquamarine):


Lily, whose birthday is next month in April (Diamond):


Becca, who celebrates in August (Peridot):


Deb, another August girl (Peridot):


Vicki, a September birthday gal (Sapphire):


And Shirley, another July celebration (Ruby):


Aren’t these all wonderful fiber postcards?

I have no pictures of mine, but I’ll explain the concept I used. My stone, being born in October, is an Opal. Now when I think of opals, I think of the fire and ice (blue and red) that sparkle inside of them. To represent fire, I chose a sunset fabric in reds, oranges, and yellows. To represent the ice, I chose a water fabric and placed a sparkling glacier floating in it. To make the glacier sparkle, I used a combination of angelina and tinzel fibers, some tulle, and glitter thread. And I’m realize now, I should have taken a photo before I mailed them out. Lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “Postcard Exchange

  1. i love the postcard exchange even when i can’t participate. i can’t wait to see someone post a pic of your card!

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