When neither wine nor chocolate will help!

Where should I start this at? The beginning, or the end? I’ll start at the beginning, that’s the logical place, right? This is the tale of a day when neither wine, nor chocolate will help.

A couple months ago, I got an idea in my head which I just couldn’t shake. My kitchen was white, pure white, cold white.


Yep, that was the idea that white was cold and I wanted some color in the kitchen. I’ve had the kitchen different colors over the years, I like color and I admit it. My favorite color was when the walls were painted Terracotta, it was rich, vibrant, full of energy; and eventually tiring.

But I wanted something lasting, something to bring some life back into the kitchen, something “better” than plain cold white. (If you have white and love it that’s good, I just needed CHANGE COLOR (alright, change, sigh).

So I started thinking yellow. Now just pick yourself up off the floor it was a passing fancy, that’s all! Yesterday afternoon I decided I was a cool color person and I wasn’t sure I could live with YELLOW on my walls. So this morning I went for paint. This morning that is, after I was up late last night (1 a.m.) and tossed and turned until I gave it up at 5:30 a.m. (yep, me, I was up that early!). Now those that know me well, know I do NOT function on less than 7 hours sleep, I just don’t!

Off to the store I go, thinking I’m going to get a color called Polar Star. It looked really good on the computer monitor in the sample room! But when I got there is was a dirty gray color (to me), so I chose a pretty blue called Glacier Blue. Pretty color, just a tinge of gray in it, not too bright, not too dark, perfect color on the color card.

And home I go, to start this adventure. I’m tired at this point, but figure I’ll start masking off the cabinets as maybe, just possibly, I may be the “messy” painter in the house. And maybe, just possibly, the “neat” painter is off on another trip. Masking away, my energy fails and I decide to take a nap and call it a day. And perhaps I should have called it a day!

But, getting up rather refreshed, I decided to start painting. And the horrors set in, I’m cutting in the edges and corners and this color is so……..so………colorful! It’s deep against the white, it’s so dark, “oh no, WHAT HAVE I DONE?. I don’t want a dark color, I didn’t want to close the kitchen in“, and away I go, second guessing my color sense……..sigh. But, being who I am, I decided to continue, because, after all, I can always add a second coat sponged in a different color as a texture if I need to lighten it, right?

Painting away, and the kitchen is coming together. When I get to actually doing the walls, and it starts to DRY, the color starts looking GOOD. Okay, deep sigh of relief here, I do still have my color sense, even when I am tired! Note, the pictures are a bit blurry, did I mention I was starting to get really tired again at this point and I should have just quit?



Phone rings and I take the call. Hmmm, I either shouldn’t have done that and broke my concentration (read as energy level and awareness of my surroundings), or I should have done that and then decided to call it a day, because as soon as I hung up and started painting again, what did I do? Well, take a look for yourself: (warning, close immediate family members —yes dear, I mean you — might not want to look at this next picture). Okay, go ahead, I know you will anyways! LOL


It’s all cleaned up now, but that’s why neither wine, nor chocolate will help tonight. I think I need a good night’s sleep.

And I’m so glad I chose NOT to do any major cutting with a rotary cutter today! LOL

6 thoughts on “When neither wine nor chocolate will help!

  1. Oh I love the new color!! I hope a good night’s sleep helped! Now you can enjoy the wine or chocolate… or my strong recommendation for both 😉

  2. OMG!!!!!
    I can’t believe that happened but at least the kitchen looks real good.

    Isn’t it funny, now that we all have blogs if something happens we tend to reach for the camera first before we get down to remedying the situation. Funny, funny.

  3. I love the color, but I confess, the floor gave me a wicked flashback to this last weekend. We were priming, and the boys were running in and out enjoying the weather and making their father RUN, and Ronan smacked into a doorway Miss A had just primed. Talk about premature graying.
    On him, darn you, not me!
    Ok, just a little on me.
    I’m with Jan, do both, and a little ice cream too, while you’re at it.
    Don’t ever look to me to talk you out of food or alcohol, it will not ever happen.

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