Things I saw today

Looking at the windows, this is what I saw today.

First up, tomato plants and herbs are growing nicely now. Thanks to a friend who reminded me of some basics of planting I was neglecting.

tomato seedlings


And then I went to the other side of the house to look out the bedroom window.

Not a good place to sit Mr. Cardinal!


And closer to the window, this is what I see first thing in the morning. I love how the window screen has put a grid over this photo.


This is the last of my Camellia’s to bloom, this one always bloom in the spring. My other two bloom around Christmas time.

And out the office window. This is just in case we get storms tomorrow and the blooms are gone by Sunday:

Bradford Pear

Possibly tomorrow I’ll have some fiber/quilt/art to show. If I walk away from the computer now and get to the studio! LOL I have two totally different stacks of fabrics pulled to work on two separate themes. So I’m off for now, see you next time!

7 thoughts on “Things I saw today

  1. LOL sure, I was watering, but since they are in peat only, they need nutrition in the water. lol A little water soluble fertilizer, pull the shade a bit because the sun on that side is awfully hot, and boy did they perk up! Yep, those basics I know but apparently forgot! LOL

  2. Thanks Judy!! My seeds should be here soon, but we can’t put things out until May 1st around here usually. So I’ll be starting mine up soon! 😀

  3. Love the pics. Sometimes you just have to look at pretty stuff and feel good about your day.
    I need to get a couple new bird feeder so the birds can find their way back to our house and stay awhile.

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