OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just received word from Lynn at Cannon School. They had their auction and the quilt I constructed for them “Under the Big Top” sold for over $2,700.00 !!!

I am so thrilled for the school, I know it will make a big difference!!!!

This is the quilt if you missed where I posted it:


I haven’t yet heard what the other quilt I did sold for, but I hope to hear soon.

7 thoughts on “OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. How wonderful Judy! And how come I havent seen this quilt? Did you have a pattern? Did you make it up yourself? Where can I buy one? It is adorable! That school is lucky that you gave your time and talent for their benefit.


  2. Gayle, LOL, you must have missed my March 3rd blog entry. LOL The quilt is based on the pattern “Circus of the Moon” by Dawn Michelle Seddon, which I used for inspiration.

    I’ve done several quilts now for Cannon School, and really enjoy working with the children’s artwork to create their fund raiser quilts.

  3. Judy, that’s wonderful and amazing! It’s a great feeling to have a charity contribution be successful but that’s over the top!…LOL, I didn’t mean that as a pun but I guess it works. Congratulations!

    BTW…. I’m doing a guild workshop this Wednesday with guest teacher Peggy Martin…. I’m going to use the hand dyes you sent for the compass style star we’ll be making. Thanks again!

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