Starting another painting

I’ve started another painting. First I had to talk the gremlin off my shoulder, and then step out on that limb of “it’s okay no matter how it turns out”. Does anyone else need to do that before they start a piece? I don’t know, but every time I find myself stretching I go through the same process.

This background has been washed with light yellow for about 3 weeks now, staring at me. About 10 days ago I actually pencil sketched out the flower. This morning I finally said, “it’s okay, if it doesn’t turn out, because you can just paint over it and start again” and then I finally picked up a brush!

I’ve decided I am going to try to lay in all the darkest areas first and then work towards the lightest areas. Whether this is the proper way to paint or not, I have no clue…..self-teaching here. But I thought I’d record the process as I work along on this. (picture is clickable to view larger)

So, the background with some of the dark areas laid in and one petal started.


My plan is to work the reds first, then proceed to the yellows in the flower itself. From there work into the greens in the background and finish with the lightest of highlights. This is in acrylic, it’s still not warm enough to open the windows so I can work in oil. The inspiration photo, of course, is the top right flower taped to the top of the easel. I took these pictures one summer in my garden.

4 thoughts on “Starting another painting

  1. thanks for sharing your progress steps judy. it’s always interesting to see it develop into the final piece. and sometimes i think it’s good to play without expectations of the finished piece…it juices me up anyway.

  2. I think it is very important to NOT set expectations, and let things “flow” as they will. That way, you are giving yourself permission to create. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. Good for you for starting… and trusting! It’s looking mighty fine so far… Remember to have fun and relax too!

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