Vase and Flowers

Time seems to be flying past these days. Is it the rumblings of spring, or the fact that every time we have a good weather day I spend most of it outside soaking up the sunshine? Could it be that I spend almost every evening reading. Are there times when the balance shifts and you just have to go with the flow until it shifts back into actually producing art? I have sketches, I have fabric, and soon I intend to have work to show for it.

I did actually accomplish one thing this week. A small piece I started a few months ago when our FAB group got together for a day at Jean’s house. We spent that day experimenting with an applique technique. I decided not to use that technique in this piece, but I did use the vase I cut out for it. And then the experiments continued. I tried out the new couching foot for my DSM to apply yarn stems and leaves. I tried my hand at free-hand drawing of flowers and petals. Liking what I saw I decided to quilt and finish it. During the quilting stage I had the idea to add a few more vases in, shadowed in the background. Which led to some playing with Lumiere paints, and then to painting a base for the vase to actually rest upon. Now I have to decide how to finish this little experimental play piece, but for now it looks like this:


I have finishing options on this, I’m just not sure which to use. I could either bind it (traditionally or with fusible); or I could face it. Do I leave the edges straight? Do I curve the edges? Do I add some sparkle to those flowers or leave them as they are? Or should I put this piece on a painted canvas?

Right now I don’t know, so what I have really done is to add another UFO to the ever growing pile!

2 thoughts on “Vase and Flowers

  1. This piece is ultra-interesting. Each time I look I see more. I have no suggestions regarding sparkles, but do like the idea of curvy edges. You will know what to do about the leaves and mounting it on canvas after you have been away from it for a few hours or days.


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