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Cannon School Quilt #2

The second of the Cannon School Kindergarten class quilts is finished, and returned. I am pleased with both quilts, they are always fun to work on. Each child does their art work on a block and they were all brought to me with a theme for the quilt.

This quilt is based on a circus theme. They brought me the pattern for “Circus of the Moon” by Dawn Michelle Seddon. But the fabrics and blocks that were brought didn’t work to recreate that pattern exactly, so I used it for inspiration.

Meandering was a good choice for this quilt. The children’s work was done with a glue stick (what brand I don’t know) and was lifting as I was working on the quilt. By meandering in a variegated thread, all the little bits and pieces are tacked down by stitching and the thread ties the entire top together.

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