Let’s Take a Walk! Lots of Pics!

It’s been busy here lately, and today I needed to take a walk, so I thought I’d bring you along on it. The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm. Warm enough to put on shorts and sit in the sun for a few minutes, but not until after I took my walk.

So, let’s go, out the back door, around the edge of the property up to the woods, down by the house, out the fence, across the front and back to the house. Enjoy!













And back to the house, I hope you enjoyed the walk! It was so dry here last year, I am pleasantly surprised to find this much green starting to show. Perhaps this year we’ll have a bit more rain and the water table will return to normal.
And why have I been busy lately? Well, more about that in another post!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Walk! Lots of Pics!

  1. Thank you for the nice walk. I enjoyed stopping to look at each little twig and leaf …. and smelling the flowers! Even though we haven’t had any snow for a week now, we still have lots of snow on the ground, so we only have a little grass trying to peek up.

    The bald eagles are here, tho’ … what a wonder they are.

    Can we walk again tomorrow? Maybe see more flowers??

    Love, sammi

  2. oh the flowers! it’s all white and mushy here still. but spring is coming and i might just make it after taking a walk with you!

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