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Fiber Art Postcard Display

I’ve accumulated a collection of Fiber Art Postcards, both from friends, and through exchange. MQR (Machine Quilters Resource) forum has had two of these exchanges so far, and I’ve been looking for a way to display my postcards.

I didn’t want them out unprotected, but I wanted them easily accessible to anyone sitting on the sofa. I wanted them to say “pick me up and look at me”.

Last night, I needed to do something creative, something with fabric, yet something useful. So I decided to make a cover for a binder that I wanted to put my postcards in.

This binder is a 6×9, 3 ring, binder. The sheet protectors come in 5-1/2 x 8 size. The cover is fabric, stabilized with fusible interfacing and lined. The sayings are on translucent vellum paper, couched down with small pieces of my hand-dyed yarn. The little doll in the top corner is a polymer clay face that was painted. She’s glued onto three layers, green wool felt, silk flower petal and burgandy wool roving. I used my Babylock Embellisher to fuse these layers together, then stitched them onto the background, then attached the PC face.

This view is of the book standing on it’s edge:

This next picture is a view as it would lie on the table. I like the fact that this book appears to be bursting at it’s seams, giving you a glimpse of what is inside, and enticing you to pick it up and thumb through it.

This would be a quick, easy project for anyone to do. And since I have more postcards that need a display home, I’ll be making another one of these soon.

Special thanks to Susan for the inspiration from her brag books!

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