Thread, or the lack thereof!

As a person who has spent all her life sewing; from clothing to quilts to curtains to mending tarp straps, and everything in between. As a person who is also a packrat when it comes to all things textile; I have thread. All sorts of thread, cotton, hand-dyed, polyester, nylon, rayon, variegated, thick, thin. Some would say I have lots of thread as evidenced by the pictures below:




And this doesn’t include the thread in the sewing cabinet in the living room, yep, there’s more thread than this!

And yet, somehow, it is 10:30 at night, I am in the mood to work for several more hours, and I DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT COLOR THREAD! And to top it off the quilt shops are closed at this hour? Imagine that? Closed at 10:30 on an icy night?

Do you see that little applique piece next to the bin of threads, well, I need that bright, hot pink color. Oh and I need it in the right weight to go through the machine for the stitch I planned to use. Could I compromise and use a different color? Well, possibly, but they all look horrid to my eye. Now maybe to yours they’d look okay, but I wanted so much more than “okay”, I wanted thread that matched. So, I now have another project that’s “almost” ready to be quilted, but not quite.

I think tomorrow morning, when the roads thaw a bit, I’ll just have to force myself to go shopping………now where was that list of things I wanted?

2 thoughts on “Thread, or the lack thereof!

  1. Now I know where to go, late at night, when the shops are closed and I need a particular thread colour, weight or type…….YOUR HOUSE! Lordy, lordy, lordy you have A LOT od thread girl.

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