Awaiting the weather!

As a child I grew up in Northwestern PA, in an area that in my eyes was the snowiest part of the entire world! And as a child I had dreams of moving away from the snow. Far, far away! Florida far away. I dreamt of sunshine and tropical beaches, palm trees and sand.

Life went on, I grew up, I married a man who lived in Ontario and eventually we decided to move South. But by then I was a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser and realised I would miss ALL four seasons if I moved too far south.

So, when we decided to move south, we settled on North Carolina. A nice area, normally good weather, far enough inland to not have too many hurricane worries and just southeast of the mountains enough to not see snow very often.

So, what am I doing tonight? I’m like a child on Christmas Eve, I’m eagerly awaiting the snow that’s anticipated. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the ice that is supposed to follow it, but the SNOW! Actual SNOW! LOL Yes, I realize I have come full circle, but only because here it is a novelty to me.

Having grown up in the North, where it can get nasty and last for days, weeks, what seems like months, I know how to prepare for it. Did I rush out today to buy the typical “milk and bread”? LOL, no, my pantry is always stocked, but I did go for dog food! I have my 6 gallons of water for consumption, and my 3 gallons of water for cleaning up with waiting. Have I mentioned that I live in the country and we have a well; no power, no water, such is life.

My cell phone is charged if the house lines go down, the camera batteries (both sets) are fully charged, the radio has batteries in it, the oil lamps are ……well, they’re where they always are and ready to be lit at anytime. The generator is nearby and ready to be started, that is if I can find a neighbor to pull the cord for me, it does get harder to start every year. It must be the generator, it can’t be me?

I have also cleaned the house today, tonight it is spotless awaiting the snow. Now why would I clean it spotless BEFORE a storm? Well, anyone with dogs, and a doggy door, can understand. They are going to make a big enough mess between the snow, the wet paws, and the red clay mud as the snow melts. Maybe, possibly, if we start really, really clean it won’t seem that bad……in the event we lose power and I can’t vacuum or mop until power is restored.

We put in a propane insert into our fireplace this fall, I have heat. The last time we purchased a barbecue, we bought one with an additional side burner, I can cook. I have handwork I could do, drawings in my mind that I could draw, and if worse comes to worse, I could always just curl up on the couch with the fireplace running and relax for the entire day.

And tonight I await the weather! It’s almost 12:30 a.m. now, I’ve gotta go look outside again and see if it’s snowing yet!

4 thoughts on “Awaiting the weather!

  1. Enjoy the snow!! From one dog mom to another, I use old towels down in front of the door. When one gets too wet or dirty, set it aside and put the next one down. Wash them when you get a full load. If you are like us.. that won’t take too long in the snow 😉

  2. Jan, I’ve got a rubber backed throw rug there down there now, hopefully it will help. We used to use towels, but with Brandi’s leg now, if she slips the dangers are too great. Oh well, that’s what they make swiffer cleaners for? Right? LOL

    So far, so good, we still have power, although the accidents on the roads this morning are many here.

  3. what a fun read. as someone who typically lives with snow anywhere from October to April…..your anticipation was a treat! hope you got your snow but retained power.

  4. Hi Kay!!!!!!!!! (waving vigorously) 🙂

    We got our snow, but we didn’t retain the power. Apparently a delivery truck decided to tackle a power pole. sigh…. but power’s restored now and all is well again…….. as long as it doesn’t freeze over tonight and cause bad roads again….it’s still rainy mist and the trees are icing now.

    And to think last week I thought we weren’t going to see any “actual” winter this year. LOL

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