Thread, or the lack thereof!

As a person who has spent all her life sewing; from clothing to quilts to curtains to mending tarp straps, and everything in between. As a person who is also a packrat when it comes to all things textile; I have thread. All sorts of thread, cotton, hand-dyed, polyester, nylon, rayon, variegated, thick, thin. Some … Continue reading Thread, or the lack thereof!

The pretty stage

After last night's late posting, I awoke early this morning. Just like a child at Christmas! I did something almost unheard of for me, I ran out of the house with the camera even before the coffee was brewed. Later this morning, I'll recharge the camera batteries and take a walk, if the drizzle doesn't … Continue reading The pretty stage

Awaiting the weather!

As a child I grew up in Northwestern PA, in an area that in my eyes was the snowiest part of the entire world! And as a child I had dreams of moving away from the snow. Far, far away! Florida far away. I dreamt of sunshine and tropical beaches, palm trees and sand. Life … Continue reading Awaiting the weather!

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