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Time to let it rest

I’ve come to the point with this painting that it’s time to let it rest. Just as there are times when a quilt will speak and tell me what it needs next, there are times when both quilts and paintings don’t. I know this isn’t finished, I have a vague idea of what needs to come now, but no definite thoughts. Definition of the window sill, some sort of plant or tree branch in the foreground to give the necessary depth to the fields both are ideas floating around this. But for now, this will be the last you’ll see of this until it starts talking again. Tomorrow I’ll move on to another painting that has been stewing in my mind, while this one sits on the file cabinet.

The next one I think I want to work in oil. I found myself getting frustrated at the lack of work time you have with acrylics, and also at the inability to easily mix and blend my brush strokes. I’m also deliberately choosing to pick a much lighter subject matter, what could be called “sofa art”.

Last night I made major progress on the Cannon School quilt, the bubbles are all quilted. Tonight I continue the SID (stitch in the ditch) of the children’s drawings, and then I’ll start the background watery fill.

I’m working on a few other quilt projects now as well, personal art quilts, but nothing is to the share it stages yet. When they are, I will.

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