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Apparently I absolutely cannot go an entire day without doing something creative or artistic. Although the majority of my day today was spent working in the office, when I headed off to bed this evening I got this overwhelming urge to pick up a paintbrush!

Yep, I just knew if I tried to go to bed without following up on that desire, I would toss and turn all night, so I headed back to the den/office, which also doubles as my grandson calls it as “that art room” because that’s where the easel, and the drawing table and the shelves of paints and supplies are. Are you reading between the lines here? I sat all day within 4 feet of this, with my back partially turned to it, and tried to do paperwork, no wonder I couldn’t go to bed without working on it!

A little while later and I’ve made some progress on this piece. You may have to click on the image to see the entire image.


And a detail shot:


I am almost satisfied with the view through the window, a few more details to be added right up next to the window itself and then I can start on the interior wall. But first I have to figure out how to paint a stone wall, and even before that, I must get some sleep. And I think I can sleep now, I have done something creative today, I am satisfied.

1 thought on “painting progress

  1. You just blow me away! I am so impressed with your “work” …. and even more impressed with how much you have “grown” since Houston.

    Just watching your work in different media makes me think of the first flowers of spring – the paper white, the jonquil, and of course the daffodil just poking their leaves up. The anticipation of watching you bloom into the full flower is delicious!

    Thank you for sharing so much of your “self” with us.

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