Triptych exchange progress

Warning, to those of you who are participating in this triptych exchange, if you want to be surprised by what your pieces will look like, READ NO FURTHER!!!!!

Okay, for every who is still here, an online forum I belong to is doing an art quilt triptych exchange. In this exchange our groups of three exchanged photo’s of our choosing to be interpreted. One photo to be done by each person. I am in two of the groups, so I have 4 photo’s that belong to others to interpret as well as two of my own.

These have to be completed, including the quilting, but not bound and returned to the members by February 1st mailing deadline. I’ve known for a while what I wanted to do with each, finding the time was a bit difficult, but find the time I did and two of the pieces now have the base image done.

First off is Gretchen’s piece:


Although this looks at this point like a winter scene, it is actually a cool mountain stream over rocks in the summer, I have not yet added the green of the leaves to the trees.

Next up is Danetta’s piece:

This tropical scene also needs the leaves on the palm, blowing in the quite strong wind, as well as the tips of the surf that is churned up and the horizon clouds. If you look carefully at Danetta’s piece, you can see some of my method. When I’m working on a small piece like this, my base is always at least an inch larger than the actual piece, you can see the chalk lines on where the actual piece ends. This allows me to work to the edges, or off it as I did here with the ocean water, then to trim to final size once the quilting and embellishment work is done.

I’ve had great fun playing with these, and have two more to do, Vicki’s green door, and Beth’s sailboat.

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  1. Hey you busy girl…… these are looking terrific! I have been working on mine too. But you are way ahead of me.
    Thanks for letting us peek in at the process.


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