Meet “Chrissy”

Chrissy is the latest doll to be added to my studio. She is far from what I imagined she would be as I took the first cut into the fabric for her body. Underneath that painted body is actually hand-dyed fabric! Yep, hand-dyed! In her first incarnation, she came out quite the character, a bug-eyed, wild-woman, not what I was trying to create. So, she needed a reincarnation to become the woman she is today. First the glued on eyes came off, I haven’t yet found a way to use those where they look right. Then I had to deal with the really terrible painting on her face, some things shouldn’t be done late at night, nor in a hurry! So repainting of the entire creature was set about, leading to a completely different personna. The bodice of her dress is green velvet. Her skirt and hat are decorated with silk Chrysanthemum petals…..hence the name “Chrissy”. Yeah, I know, it could be more original, but hey, at least she’s got a name!!!!! LOL Her wings are leaves from the same silk stems. The pattern is based on the Sprite Fairy by Julie McCullough.



I’m not sure she’s completely done yet, there are some aspects of her that I think could be improved upon, but I’m going to let her rest for a few days in the living room window before I decide whether she’s truly done or not.

3 thoughts on “Meet “Chrissy”

  1. She is beautiful! Where on earth do you find the time and inspiration for something like that? You constantly amaze me….. in a good way đŸ˜‰

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